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The Chatroom hasn't got any concrete rules as such- so, in short, use your discretion. As a guideline, "Don't be a jerk".

Also, please log in using your own TGN Username- it helps to know who you are when talking to you.

A Trivia Bot can be brought onto the channel on request/if AirRaven feels like it. If you fancy a Trivia session, prod AirRaven into loading up mIRC so you can play a game. The TriviaBot leaderboard is updated nightly/after any major quiz session, and can be seen here.

The moderation team wields ultimate power. Be nice. (Unless it's Kyleth. Why? Because.)

(Don't like Java? Either connect to #tgn with the client of your choice, or try Mibbit- an AJAX IRC Client.)

The Chatroom Discussion thread can be found here.

TGNBot Help

TGNBot's the channel's resident on-and-off Bot - on sporadically whenever AirRaven can be bothered to turn the thing on. The bot has a couple of functions so far, listed below- give them a go if you see it around. (Usually post-10PM on most days of the week)

Listed below's a set of the public commands for using TGNBot - there are a few more, but for various reasons, it's probably not a good idea to list them publically. If you fancy seeing them in action, just ask.

Bot Command Command Function Notes
!trivia Starts a General Knowledge Trivia Session- the bot asks questions. The first person to type a correct answer to the question wins a point- collated in an overall score table which can be found here. You can specify the number of questions you wish to have in a round in the form !trivia <numberofquestions>. Should you wish to have a neverending round, just type !trivia unlimited to get the ball rolling.
Team-based rounds can be set up on request.
!bomb Sets a time-bomb on the channel - lists a selection of coloured wires which the initiator must cut in order to defuse the bomb. Correct syntax for using this command is !cut <colour>.
Note that, in sporadic cases, cutting the incorrect wire will result in you being kicked from the channel in the resulting explosion. Feel free to rejoin afterwards - it's just a bit of fun.
!8ball Answers whatever question you pose to it with the bot's view on its likelihood of coming to pass. Correct syntax for using this command is !8ball <question>.
!kill Attempts to humorously kill another member of the chat. Correct syntax for using this command is !kill <nickname>.

Curent Channel Operators

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